You may ask yourself, who I am?

In short: a creative, easy-going mind in the heart of Vienna, a tennis playing illustrator, a designer & animation artist who puts energetic passion and his fondness for details into all of his projects.

My creative ideas and the pleasure of conceiving and realising a project together with different people bring me joy. My degree as Bachelor of Science in Media Informatics & Visual Computing at the Technical University Vienna provided me the necessary technical background knowledge. So far, my career as Motion Designer both working in a company as well as a freelancer introduced me to diverse sections of creative work and allowed me to realise various exciting projects of big and small companies.

Creativity also plays a major role in my spare time:
Together with my girlfriend and our four-legged friend I like to stroll through the woods or nature in general. I am an avid cook of healthy food who loves to burn off energy in different sports.

I stand for projects in the section of Motion Design and Branding and I involve myself in them with all my heart, detail and personality.
I consider a personal success when I am able to present a customer satisfactory solutions and products not only in an adequate way but also with passion for what I do.